We love the Math On the Level (MOTL) curriculum we used this school year.  We had a lot of trouble the previous year with Singapore math.  Big Brother got tired of all the workbook pages and I got obsessed about finishing every page and every problem.  He was dreading his favorite subject.  Math on the Level is divided into categories (geometry, operations, money & decimals, fractions), not by grade, and covers all math through pre-algebra.  You cover it at your own pace and in the order you want as long as you cover the prerequisites needed for the topic. There is also concise built in review.  There is a “Math Adventures” book of activities for learning the concept.  Learning through everyday activities was encouraged and suggested.  We really enjoyed learning measures through standard and metric baking.  We went as fast or as slow as we needed.  It does require preparation by the parent and lots of one-on-one interaction, which my son really likes.  This mamma that would prefer to just hand him the work but found this well worth the effort and less energy then arguing to finish a workbook page.  We progressed well even though we basically stopped formal schooling when we started searching for a house in April.

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