School Days


Here is what our days look like right now:

– Read “Dick and Jane” to mom (finished), now read “Forsmann Reading” textbook
– Write in English & Español (this coming week we’ll practice everyones name in the family)
– Math Activities (our new spine is “Math on the Level”)
– Practice violin
– Mom read “Wind in the Willows”
– Mom reads religious stories that apply to our History lessons
– Mom reads the “Usborne History Encyclopedia”
– Mom reads science books related to our bi-weekly science topic
– DS1 gets 30 minutes of media time but it has to be educational on school days.

Afternoon Activities

– History/Science Group (we rotate these every other week.  We are studying Medieval History & following “Building Foundations for Scientific Understanding” for science)

– Violin 
– Teakwondo  (Andrew Gause Martial Arts)

– Woods of Wonder Forest School

– 4-H Explores (Every other Week) or Errands
– Teakwondo

– Garden and/or Science and/or Buddhist Studies and/or Errands

Some Resources DS1 is using for Media time:
– Electric Company (netflix)
– Touch Physics iPad App
– Math Evolve iPad App

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