Evaluation Day


What an emotionally taxing day. DS2 had his developmental evaluation for early intervention by the county. I feel a bit emotionally numb. What they said was consistant with what we’ve observed but so hard to hear and see in writing. Also, some of his delays have been labelled more severe then I realized. He should be rolling and rolling over well at this point, he’s not. He should have visible muscle tone between his shoulders on his back, he doesn’t. His movements are abnormally jerky. He has trouble grabbing for what he wants. He’s much further from sitting up then I expected based on their evaluation. On a positive, he displayed a normal 7 month old behavior when he cried both times (completely crushed) when the evaluator took away the toy she gave him. He engages well but it isn’t clear to me why they have him listed as cognitively delayed, something I hadn’t registered until reviewing the paperwork this afternoon at home. Like I said, rough day. I’m hoping I feel better tomorrow. My boys need me present. My older depends on me for not only love and care but schooling and my little guy needs all the attention I can give him. “Greater Powers that be, give me strength!”

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