First Nerology Appointment


Today was a long day. While DS1 stayed with our neighbor for several hours making us dinner (yes, I have an amazing neighbor) and playing Legos, Ds2 and I met with Dr. Avery, a pediatric Opto-neurologist, today.  He agreed with the pediatric ophthalmologists diagnoses of OMA and strabismus.  He was impressed the ophthalmologist picked up on the OMA, as it was so subtle.  He also gave DS2 the “Easiest dilated 7 month old exam” award.  He was so tolerant of it all.  Although, DS2 wasn’t so happy with the blood draw later.  The doctor said that he would like to see an MRI but it is no rush.  He felt confident there is no indications this is caused by a tumor or something else progressive (I was relieved to hear that) but an MRI might help us to point to a cause.  Papi and I are still weighing the pros and cons of now versus waiting until he’s a little older.  We are leaning toward waiting until he is 1 or 1.5.

I also wanted to mention, this was the first time I’d ever been to a children’s hospital.  National Children’s felt so welcoming.  Everyone was so helpful, even random people in the halls offered to help when I looked around confused.  I enjoyed all the bright colors.  I spent a fair amount of time at the hospital with my mother this summer.  It was so depressing.  All hospitals should have brightly colored walls.

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