“Back to School”


After a number of revisions, we’ve created our curriculum for the year.  Well, at least, that is what we are going to start with.  We just completed our first week.  Here is an outline of what we did:

– Read  Lessons – LM re-read 4 “Playful Pals” books (phonics based readers like Bob Books) and 3 stories from our ” Dick and Jane” reader.

– Mom read the “Usborne History Encyclopedia” (http://rainbowresource.com/product/sku/018005/1105bfe1b59d24b983533dce)  sections on Evolution and early life to correspond to our lessons for our secular “Story of the World” (SOTW) http://rainbowresource.com/product/sku/010992/1105bfe1b59d24b983533dce) group we meet with weekly.

– Had our first SOTW class – they created a beginning life timeline, made sculpy modeling clay early creatures and created a volcano. It was really fun.

– Mom read  “The magic School Bus: Bats” book and we went on an evening walk to look for bats.  We saw 4.

– We had our first Hidden Pond Nature Class – this is the 3rd year we’ve done it.  We have a great time learning about wildlife and going on nature adventures in this class.

– Mom and Dad continued Bedtime reading in English and Spanish — Mom is reading the second “Oz” book and dad is reading Magic Treehouse” series.

– We practices the letters O & P using “Comprehensive Handwriting Practice” (http://www.rainbowresource.com/product/Comprehensive+Handwriting+Practice+-+Traditional+Manuscript/044930/1105bfe1b59d24b983533dce?subject=9&category=8266)

– We continued Singapore Math, Standards Edition, 1A, Textbook and Workbook (http://rainbowresource.com/product/sku/043065/).  This was our only daily lesson per the LM’s request.  He loves math.

– Did some modeling clay projects.

– We grew our own crystal tree.

– We read about Buddha and colored two pictures of him.

– Did a daily morning walk.

– Practiced Violin daily.

– Went to our weekly park day.

We did all that in the hours between 9 and 4 Monday – Friday and still managed to have a stay at home day so mommy could work on the kitchen for 3 hours with our organizer and an afternoon when we ran errands.  I give a lot of credit to the spreadsheet I created that had check boxes for how many lessons of each subject we wanted to accomplish for the week.  It helped us make sure to get all our stuff done while also giving my son the freedom to choose what we worked on at any given time.  A lot of credit also goes to the fact that we did most of our at home school work over breakfast before other distractions set in.

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