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Mulching, Homeschooling & an Eye Exam


eye chart + glasses
So, I don’t think I did bad as a homeschooling mom today. I was kinda slow in waking up this morning with the whinny cat overnight and the rainy morning but LM entertained himself for awhile to let me sleep. We had our breakfast but managed to skip movement without any major repercussions. Luckily, LM still managed to do 2 pretty good twinkle practices on his violin to prepare for his first solo recital after he got dressed. While Mom went outside before the rain started up again to mulch some of the front yard, LM enjoyed some free play inside and out. We then each made our own lunch. Mom wanted Spaghetti with egg but LM didn’t. He decided he wanted to make his own eggs. He scrambled them in a cup and mom started up the cast iron skillet. He then poured them in the skillet and used a spatula to mix them and cook them. Collected all his own spices he wanted too. Yep, he made his own lunch today. We then had to rush off to the eye doctor so mom could have her new prescription adjusted for the 3rd time (and she’s still not satisfied). LM got to watch the doctor check mom’s eyes on the machines. He thought it was pretty cool. We also managed to do one of our “100 Easy Lessons to Teach Your Child to Read” sans the writing part while waiting for the eye doctor.

Our day concluded with clean-up time while listening to C-Span, a quick trip to the grocery store, 2 more Twinkles, dinner, 3 final Twinkles, books and go to sleep.

Despite all the random stuff we had to do, I was impressed we were able to get all our 7 assigned Twinkles in, a cooking lesson, a reading lesson, a government lesson, some free play, and learned a little about eye exams.