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I’m Krystal. I’ve been married to my high school sweet heart since 1998 and we have 2 wonderful boys that are so delightfully spaced, Big Brother (aka DS1) was born in 2005 and Cisco (aka DS2) was born in 2012. I identify with the moniker “Earthy Birthy Crunchy Mama.” I had my sons at home, breastfeed, cloth diaper, practice attachment parenting, homeschool, and try to only feed my family organic and whole foods. Some of my favorite things to do are spend time with my family, craft, garden, make music, read to learn and make healthy yet yummy food.

This blog will chronicle the highlights of our life as a homeschooling and special needs family. I hope you will enjoy and visit often.

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  1. Leslie Boyle says:

    Hi Krystal, I’m David’s cousin in Washington, been a long time. Talked to Lupe a few days ago and I thought I’d see if there were any new pics of the family, but instead I found your blog. The boys look wonderful :) I’ll have to read more about homeschooling and baby Cisco.
    Give my Love to all,

  2. Thanks for the lovely note. We are well. Hope you guys are well too.

  3. Marcela says:

    Greetings Krystal,
    Learned about your blog via your reply to a member seeking a homeschool community in the fairfax area via unschoolers yahoo groups….so I though…why not check out her blog…and I am glad I did. Well let me begin by introducing myself…My name is Marcela and a mother of two…Guillermo-4 year old son and Adela 21 month old daughter. It appears that we share similar ideas. I had planned to homebirth Guillermo, but ended up having a beautiful emergency c-section…and happy to share that I had a successful natural birth the second time around. I too breastfeed my children…(still do with my daughter), practiced attachment parenting,did cloth diapers…about 50% of the time….eat organic, grow our own veggies, make crafts, music, and are TV FREE…. Prior to becoming a mom, I worked as a special Ed. Teacher for about 5+ years for FCPS…and both my husband and I are Native from Bolivia. I am interested in building a homeschool community and I would be honored to share this community with you. We live in Falls Church, and if you are interested in building community please contact me via email.:-) Okay…I am going to check out for the day…. but before I do….just want to congratulate you on your blog……..I wish I had the discipline to start one myself…..ah!…maybe one day….in the meantime..I enjoy reading other blogs….:-) Good night and i hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Hi Marcela,

    Sorry for the delayed response. I haven’t checked my blog in some time. I was very busy with the VaHomeschoolers Conference last month. I would love to meet you some time. Now that the weather is getting nice, want to meet at the unschoolers park day on Tuesday? We try to go each Tuesday in the Spring.

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