MD Sheep & Wool Festival


I had a great mother’s day doing something the kids and I both enjoyed.  We went to the md sheep and wool festival.  Fun and educational.  We watched blade shearing finals where 3 shearers had to each shear 5 sheep with what looked like large scissors, no electronics. Just like they did in the past.   The winner won a trip to New Zealand to represent the US in an international competition.  We then enjoyed a demonstration of sheepdogs at work. Both things none of us had ever seen.  

My sons favorite part was seeing all the sheep and petting some of them.  Some of them were so tame that basically begged to be petted by passerbys.  I especially enjoyed seeing all the wool products.  I bought my first set of roving (wool you can felt with or turn into yarn), our first drop spindle and our first felting needles.  The little man and I included  learning how to make yarn with a drop spindle the following day for our Monday school day.

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