Big Brothers Progression (age 8-9)


LANGUAGE ARTS – Brave Writer’s “A Quiver of Arrows” – We read/listened to and did copywork, spelling and grammar using these books:

Sarah, Plain and Tall
The Trumpet of the Swan
The Mouse and the Motorcycle
Secret of the Andes
The Wheel on the School
Cricket in Times Square

CURSIVE – “Handwriting Without Tears.” Made it through about 1/3 of the book and will continue this coming year.

HISTORY – “History Odyssey Modern Times.” Finished about 1/2 the curriculum then started just listening to the corresponding SOTW chapters late sping. We plan to finish all SOTW chapters by the end of the summer.

SCIENCE – “Sassafras Science Adventures: Anatomy.” This curriculum was designed to be used over a single semester. We finished all but the last two chapters of activities and finished the book this summer.

MATH – “Math on the Level” continues and remains a good resource but we took a break from it in the spring in favor of Khan Academy. Big Brother really enjoyed the format and rewards.

ART – Big Brother did this at co-op and we spend December working on making candles for the grandparents plus other arts and crafts related to anatomy and modern times.

PE – Tae Kwon Do – Big Brother is now a Green Strip belt

MUSIC – Private violin with group classes. The end of the year concert was amazing. The teacher rented the Masonic Temple Theater for the Concert. Big Brother graduated Suzuki Book 2 and played with the other three graduates then that evening the teachers did a wonderful concert. The two main teachers played in a quartet, the fiddle teacher played a fiddle set and then the Dueling Fiddlers played (Russel is one of the teachers in our studio) with the kids accompanying the song “Gael” (known from “Last of the Mohicans”).

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