2014-15 “Report Card”


The Boy with Many Belts

So, did we do all we planned this past year? No, of course not. Do you ever remember finishing the textbook you were given growing up?

We had fun at home learning about our bodies, learning about the modern world, doing math with khan academy, reading great books, watching documentaries, watching good movies, playing music, BBQ with dad, building LEGOs, skying with friends while playing minecraft, helping in the garden, playing board games, learning how to do laundry and mowing the lawn.

We had some great experiences away from home including 4-H hikes, a visit to Williamsburg, a trip to Texas, a trip to New England, camping, going to the hippotherapy “Ranch”, spending time together, spending time with friends, speech therapy, weekly Co-op, enjoying our water park membership, visiting the new Children’s Science Center, attending Theater in the Woods, Organizing/Attending the Homeschool Conference, and playing/collecting pokemon.

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