In Pursuit of Independence


Cisco is getting more independent.  He scoots on his belly or uses his walker to explore his house from one end to the other.  He also makes us hold his hands to walk where he wants to go. While we visited family for Thanksgiving for two weeks, he did so well because we took his walker with him.  He checked out everyone and their homes and chased the dogs.  He came back home ready to try a more traditional walker and with new sounds babbling like crazy.  He started using his push toys and leaning his back to stand alone against my legs or a wall and using the two wheeled walker the PT left him but unfortunately it was tippy and scared him when he almost fell and he didn’t want to use it again.

Now lets move forward about a month and the PT finally found us a moire stable walker with four wheels.  It is a little tall but upped the independence yet again.  He is practically running in it at times.  The tires are a little bigger and make a huge difference in the terrain he can go through including going through the grass with just a little help from mom.   It is also lighter and foldable so we can take it with use more easily.  We went to our first trip with the walker to a public place, the library, this weekend.  I was chasing him everywhere.  Can’t wait to go again.

Click HERE to see Cisco in his Ottobock Busybee Walker

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