A Week in the Life of a Homeschooler


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I have gotten a little more flexible on the days of the weeks we do things so I’ll start with our weekly assignments this past week:
1. Daily Math 5-a-day problems to practice
2.  Introduce Division in Math (although he know division verbally)
3.  Complete  Primary Language Lessons 24 & 25
4.  Practice writing by writing names for envelopes we are sending to family
5.  Practice reading in everyday life
6.  Ch. 13 of Story of the World 
7.  Start Triop experiment for “Show What You Know Fair”
8.  Practice violin daily
9.  Go to violin class weekly
10.  Enjoy afield trip to the American History Museum
11.  Listen to books on tape in the car:  We just finished the entire “Little House” series and we finished “The Incredible Journey” this week.

What we actually did this past week:

– Math Practice
– Listen to SOTW3, Ch. 13
– Primary Language Lessons 24
– Mom read
– Read to little brother
– Practice Violin
– Tae Kwon Do
– 4-H – Settle Exploration in the woods
– Watch “Downton Abbey” 

– Explore frozen bubbles and ice (abnormally cold day)
– Work on Mayflower model
– Play Professor Noggin “North American Animals” and “Human
– Math practice
– Violin practice
– Read
– Watch “My Cat From Hell” episode

– Math Practice
– Mom read 
– Practice Violin
– Learn/review Division
– Build a special LEGO for the show what you know fair and realize researching and growing a triops is a better option.
– Mom had an appointment with the shutter contractor.
– Violin class
– Watch documentary on the filth of London during the plague and great fire on Discovery Education
– Watch “My Cat from Hell” episode

– Brother read to Cisco in Spanish
– Math practice
– Practice Violin
– Tae Kwon Do
– visited the America History Museum and ran into friends

– Practice Math
– Practice Violin
– Do Primary Language Lesson 25
– went swimming at the indoor pool
– started Triops experiment

I thought I would also note, every day generally includes Big Brother independently reading graphic novels (he comes home with a new pile each Sunday when we go to the library), and building LEGOs.

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