How is our Schedule Doing After the Holidays?


Our established schedule from the fall worked pretty well.  We have had some nice breaks with 2 weeks visiting family for Thanksgiving and the 2 weeks of a stay-cation with dad for Christmas.   

We had a good time with family for Thanksgiving enjoying the country with Grandpa and Dad’s family, and visiting all our family in the city getting early Christmas gifts, late birthday gifts for Big Brother and lots of love.  Then for Christmas we dedicated our time to a family movie each day (we rotate who gets to choose) and regular boardgames including a 4 hour complete game of Risk.  I was so impressed that Big Brother completed the game and enjoyed every minute.  We also helped Dad make Tamales twice and enjoyed Christmas dinner with longtime friends we call our local family.

As for school, “Math on the Level” is still a wonderful fit for us, and we are progressing well with “Primary Language Lessons”, “Story of the World 3” and “BFSU”.  Although things were considerably slowed down with all the vacationing, I feel that we learned so much about each other and the world around us while not doing formal school.  Big Brother also did a lot of LEGO building as usual.  I use to resist this but it is a true passion and he learns so much while building, following directions, as well as creating his own things.  He wants to be a LEGO engineer when he grows up.

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