In 2012-13 we continued with suzuki violin.  Big Brother stayed positive all year but I felt burnt out by the end of the year.  With that and our move we’ve taken a month off of lessons and practicing lightly.  We are also taking the opportunity to brush up on note reading.  Our teacher is amazing and always keeps class fun even if it is hard work.  I do find that the assignment load can get quite heavy.  Daily we are to practice our newest song, special listening (listening to and memorizing the name of a classical violin piece), our study list (twinkles and a growing list as we advance that is presently at about 3 songs), poem memorization, by ear tune (where he practices a song he learned by ear that isn’t suzuki), listen to our Cd, and practice our note card memorization.  I find the playing is doable daily but we often struggle getting the other items in.  Luckily Big Brother is maturing and does pretty well practicing on his own but mom struggles to find the time to watch and make sure it goes well.  I’m hping this break will give me new energy to work hard for my generally enthusiastic player.

We took on various crafts and art projects this year.  Big Brother designed and wrote countless cards for friends and family.  I helped him make a waldorf doll for his brother.  We also did art projects in History group such as sugar cube Roman Arches.

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