Many Changes


I haven’t updated my blog in two months because we have just been too busy.  We’ve had changes in Home, Health, Development & School.  

Around the time of the Cisco Kid’s surgery, we decided we should look into the possibility of moving into a more accessible home.  It is unclear when and how well Cisco will be walking and we live in a three level townhouse.  The thought of dealing with the worry of a new walker likely using a wheeled device in this house was really worrying me.  My little guy is growing and improving but at his own pace which means each of the phases that his brother went through in a split second, lasts months for our little Cisco Kid.  I remember when his brother was a baby he enjoyed the baby gym mobile for a month or two while Cisco used his happily until he was one, for example.  This also means that learning to walk will be an arduous process and he can find independance much faster in a home where everything is on one level with a level ground yard (our little yard is far from accessible).  

As I don’t think I’ve mentioned on this blog before, my hubby has multiple sclerosis (MS).  Luckily, he is still good on his feet but mobility is sure to be an issue for him at some point too.  It just wasn’t making sense to stay in our beloved townhouse of 13 years anymore if we could move to something more accessible now.   

After 2 months of looking, we have found what seems like a perfect home in a nice neighborhood.  It isn’t as close to our present house as we were hoping but it has all we wanted: single level living, move in condition, level yard with space to play and garden, and wheelchair accessible, all in our budget.  We are so excited about our new detached house but all a little heartbroken to leave our present house and great neighbors.

We also have exciting health news, my hubby just switch his MS medication from a shot to a pill.  He has been getting shots every other day for over 8 years and really didn’t like it, as you might imagine.  He was so happy when the first MS drug in pill form came on the market and his neurologist said he could switch.  He was ecstatic.  It has only been a few days but so far so good.  He did have an issue with hit making him flush at first but dramatically decreased that by eating well with the pill.  He says he has an odd taste in his mouth and hears a swish in his ears at night but is feeling more energetic.  He had already seen an improvement in energy along with less bad days as a result of starting up tea kwon do in the fall with Big Brother.  I really hope this works well for him.

The Cisco kids eyes are doing well.  They do turn in when he is tired but look pretty aligned most of the time.  His OMA is more obvious now without the crossed eyes but it is pretty mild.  It seems to only cause him issues when he wants to really look at something, particularly at a distance.  At our 6 week follow up, his ophthalmologist said his eyes looked great but cautioned us that they could still cross.  His vision therapist said they were looking good but encourages us to do eye exercises daily and he should wear glasses throughout the day.  I do see his glasses doing well for him but he pulls them off more and more.  I get tired of trying and give up.

Cisco has also continued to struggle with weight gain.  He is very thin and below the growth charts but doing well in height and head circumference.  I fluctuate between being concerned and not worrying because he comes from a long line of very thin people.

The Cisco Kid is growing and improving, now almost 15 months old.  He is standing at his little table grandpa got him for his birthday well and is even pulling himself up and down from a little step stool he uses as a bench.  His PT suggested high top shoes and the all leather Jumping Jack high top baby shoes I got him on Zappos have really helped him in his stability standing up while not having a super rigid sole (I’m usually a big advocate of keeping babies/toddlers shoeless).  He still cannot roll very well and while he sits well unsupported and stands pretty well supported, he is unable to make the transitions for himself.  He is getting increasingly more interested in the world.  He so wants to get to the things he finds interesting and move about on his own as he should be doing developmentally but his little body just doesn’t cooperate.  We ordered him an adapted stroller for special needs kids and the vendor lent us there’s until it comes in.  He loves going for a ride in it.  I’ve asked the PT to see if their supply closet has a walker we can use or some other form of mobility to get our little guy moving as he would like.  He’s also loving My Gym classes.  He has so much fun with the music and circle times, rolling an one of their tumblers, sliding down the not so steep slide on his belly or back, and playing in the ball pit.  I think My Gym has been his best therapy.

Big Brother is doing well too.  He has grown up so much.  He’s almost 7.5.  He’s usually easy to reason with and is generally very helpful with brother.  He gets me things I can’t get to because I’m caring for his brother and is such a great form of entertainment for his little brother in the back seat. He has also greatly improved his skills with self entertainment as we go to doctors appointments and such.  He’s become mister social, striking conversations whenever he can.  He has made good friends with our realtor (who also helped us buy our townhouse pre-children).  Our realtor even came to his recent solo violin recital (I really need to share a video of one of his performances someday soon).  Such a joy to be around except after hanging out a few hours with the neighborhood boys.  Haven’t quite pinpointed the cause.  He too loves My Gym and we try to take him with us to one open gym a week.

Because of the move, we have ended the “school year” a little early but look forward to getting back to school once we settle in the new house.  Big Brother took his end of the year CAT test we use for proof of progress.  I think he did well but we are still awaiting the official results.  We will be continuing to practice for his upcoming violin group concert that is in early June and hope to get in some good reading time as we pack and prepare for moving.  We just finished the first “Harry Potter” and watched the movie this weekend.  He has asked me to read the Hobbit next.  I try to get him to read to his brother regularly but will have to wait to make it a morning routine again after we get to our new house.  I don’t think next year will look horribly different then this but our move will make some other homeschool groups available to us that we too far before, so who knows.  I’m trying not to out much thought into it until we are settled at the new house.

I think that sums up the past couple months.  Sorry it is so long.  I’ll try not to make it so long before my next post.

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    Thanks for the update and congrats on your new home. Can’t wait to visit!

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