Baby’s 1st Birthday


We had a great day celebrating my baby, DS2’s, 1st Birthday.  Mom made buckwheat pancakes for breakfast.  Dad made tamales for lunch and dinner (with help from Mom, a friend and big brother, DS1).  Mom made cake and ice cream for dessert.  He got to taste a little of everything.  All firsts and loved them all.  Hope it agrees with his digestion.  We had some of our friends over we don’t get to see too often.  It was nice visiting but the little guy got a bit overwhelmed at times with all the visitors including loud big kids.  He stuck close to mom but seemed to enjoy the attention.

Today also had me thinking about the last year. An intense but oh so worth it home birth. The vision issues. The discovery that our wonderful little man has what is probably a genetic neurological condition. An older son making leaps in his development and maturity. Even with the ups and downs, I feel so blessed. My children are happy. I have a great husband and my choldren have a great father. I’m feeling confident that while things may take our little guy a little longer then “average,” he’ll be just fine and I’ll love him no matter what, just as I do his big brother. I look forward to enjoying the next year and years with my little family.

I have a goal to enjoy each day with my boys, not getting caught up in the less important things in life because childhood is so fleeting.

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  1. arpaxia06 says:

    Happy Birhtday to your baby!

    Mery (from Barcelona-Spain)

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