Assessment Data


Here is the assessment for DS2’s evaluation at 7 months, October 4, 2012. This was his first assessment and he was evaluated by an OT and Speech therapist for about 1 hour.

Gross Motor: 2-3 mo (atypical)
Fine Motor: 4-5 mo (atypical)
Cognition: 4 mo with scatter to 7 mo
Receptive Communication: 4-6 mo
Expressive Communication: 6 mo
Self Help/Adaptive: 7 mo
Social Emotional: 6 mo
Part C Vision Sceening: monitor
Part C Hearing Screening: no concern

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  1. Fairion says:

    It is hard to hear but this is the first step to getting where you want to be. If you do not understand why they listed him as cognitively delayed, ask. They will explain exactly what they saw and why they marked it and how they plan to address it and then armed with information you can decide if you agree or not (remember they only saw him for one hour) and how you want to proceed.

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