Our “School Week”


Here is how our week went:

– Had a dinner discussion on this weeks Buddhist lesson, vegetarianism.  This included a discussion on why we aren’t vegetarian and a blessing thanking the chicken we were eating for his life.

– For math we did Rays Arithmetic (got free thru google books.  Seeing if we like it to replace Singapore.  More concise and in word problem format.  We are enjoying it so far.  This our second week using it). We read a “Million Dots.”
– For science we read some books on volcanos.
– For writing DS1 copied a sentence from the board and we drew an illustration to match.
– DS1 read me a Dick & Jane story
– DS1 practiced violin
– DS1  had archery class

– For math we read a chapter from “Life of Fred:  Apples” and “Subtraction Action”
– For science we read another volcano book
– DS1 read me a “Now I Can Read” level 3 book
– DS1 practiced violin.
– We went to the homeschool park day.

– For math we read “The Action of Subtraction”
– DS1 read me a Piggie and Elephant book
– DS1 practiced violin
– We went to history group to play a Roman game and make some barbarian cuffs from foil.

– For math DS1 played the “Hungry Fish” app
– We started “The Plant Hunters”
– violin practice
– We had lunch at Whole foods and bought some tomato plants
– Mommy had a meeting at Starbucks while DS1 looked at his Lego catalog and did his math game and DS2 just looked around and nursed.

– For math DS1 did a “Mindware Subtraction Secrets” page
– DS1 worked with his snap circuit rover
– violin practice
– We went to the library
– We weeded and planted tomato plants in the garden.

– We baked a cake
– Violin practice
– Visited the new farmers market
– We had a neighborhood BBQ.

All week for our bedtime story we’ve continued our reading of “Little House in the Big Woods.”

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