Science, Strawberries and a Baptism


We had a pretty good week last week.  Saturday we went to the “Science and Engineering Fest” and spent about 2 hours enjoying robots in the “Robot Expo”. After, DS 1 decided he and Dad need to have a robot class every weekend and build a robot.  They got started  on Sunday.  

While it was a bit cool and over cast all the unseasonably warm weather early in the spring afforded us a trip to pick strawberries on Monday.  We drove to Yangley farm just about 40 minutes from us and picked lots of strawberries.  On the way, DS1 did his math and read us a story while DS2 looked around at all the green trees we past (until we stopped for gas and he got annoy we stopped moving and realized he was hungry).  On the way back, the boys fell asleep.  Then, in the evening, DS1 made whole wheat shortcake so we could enjoy a strawberry shortcake dessert and breakfast.

On Wednesday we made Egg Muffins from the “PalioPals” kids book we borrowed from a friend before heading to history group.

Thursday was a stay home day and we worked in the garden in the afternoon.  DS1 did a great job digging two nice and deep holes in his garden to plant potatoes.

Friday we had to go get mommy’s liecence renewed.

All of that and we did math and reading each day plus worked on DS1’s science fair project and studied Rome.

Saturday we went to the seasons grand opening of the farmers market to buy plants for the garden.  We were disappointed to find out our favorite farm is no longer farming.

Sunday we went to a lovely baptism of a baby girl born just 5 days after DS2 and a Kosher cinco de mayo lunch.

Now if I could just shack my nasty cold that started yesterday we could have another productive week.


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