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Gross Motor Update

New SMOs & Shoes

New SMOs & Shoes

Cisco got his DMO suit a couple weeks ago to help with his posture (he gets very slouchy when sitting up and his lower back is starting to curve) and to facilitate independent walking. What amazed me was about 20 minutes after we put it on him and I put him on my back in our new Toddler Action Baby Carrier, he felt considerably straighter and lighter. No dead weight that has been killing my back. Unfortunately, it didn’t last. Now, for some reason, my back hurts worse when he is wearing his suit. I do notice his back considerably straighter when sitting even at the end of the day when we take it off. He also looks so much taller and straighter with it on when standing or walking. He feels less floppy when I hold him. It is definitely helping even if getting it on is not his favorite. Luckily diaper changes aren’t as hard as I feared.

Cisco also got a pair of SMO orthotics the same day to help provide support for his ankle in hopes of facilitating walking. It improved his stride immediately. He bends his knees when walking with them on but not when off.

He did have to get new shoes to fit the orthotics. I decided to see what the local shoe stores had before ordering special made shoes particularly because I heard they were heavy. I started at Stride Rite reading online that people had luck with them and they have double wide. Unfortunately even with his skinny foot, they didn’t work. He only wears a 5 and there was really just one style in multiple colors. It was a real pain to get on/off and the velcro barely reached across even with double wide. I then went to Payless (not my favorite place) and was pleasantly surprised to find perfect fitting shoes in 5W with a sole that came out and a front bill that was completely detached on the side for easy in and out. They were cute brown shoes with Elmo (once again, not a fan of character shoes but worth it). My only complaint is the lack of breathability. His feet are sweaty when I take his shoes off. I will have to find some sort of breathable sandal for summer.

Prior to the new orthotics and DMO support suit, he has been making progress with gross motor skills. He got a new walker from the county to try , a Little Kaye walker. We had ordered and returned a Snug Seat Crocodile walker after receiving it to find it was bigger then the old Ottoback Busybee he had been using that I thought was big. I am very frustrated with modern manufacturers of pediatric walkers. They promote long use but to make this long use work means that it has to be sized for the larger child (about the size of my 9 year old boy) to use safely and just adjust the handle bars down for the 2 year old to use. I got it for the attendant bar they told me was no longer manufactured upon arrival and the seat that could be flipped down but no one told me the seat wasn’t adjustable and way too tall for my 2 year old.

Back to the Kaye, I am so happy with it. It is an oldie but goody. A design that I’m told has been around for years but they have 5 sizes compared to the 2 for other leading manufacturers, making it much more suitably sized for my 2 year old. It is also very light weight. It has straight wheels that i thought would be a problem by Cisco just picks the walker up a bit and manipulates it in the direction he wants. He loves it. He has one on order right now we hope to get before Christmas that has an adjustable fold down seat, an attendant bar so I can safely guide him or can push the walker if he needs carried. Also, much cheaper then the Snug Seat. He has a little friend the same size that tried it who loved it too and she asked her mom if she could have one (they are in the market for a walker). He recently walked the mall for 20 minutes using it. With the added stability of his orthotics and DMO he his creating a nice stride using his walker for just that little bit of security and balance he needs.

Next on the list: treadmill therapy if I can find an inexpensive treadmill.