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Vacation in the Berkshires


We just returned from our vacation at the Berkshires. Here’s our little journal of our week including commentary from DS1 (age 6).

Day 1:  Amtrak trip from Home to Albany then drive to Hancock, MA “We went on a bus to a metro stop then to Amtrak in DC and then it took us to New York city and then another Amtrak took us to Albany and then we drove to Massachusetts and then we stayed at Bentley Brook,” said DS1.

Day 2:  Watched the rehearsal from John Williams Birthday at Tanglewood Center for the Arts
“We went to see Yo-Yo Ma and Gil Shaham at Tanglewood and also there we made a birthday party to surprise John Williams, a great composer.  He composed the music “Star Wars,” “Indiana Jones” and “Harry Potter”.   Listening and watching the movie of little parts of “Star Wars” was my favorite.  We also went out to lunch for indian buffet,” said DS1.

Day 3:  Spent the day at Jimmny Peak
“We went on a ski lift to get to a big long slide and we slide on a special sled especially made for the slide.  There was also a lever.  You pushed it back to go slower, forward to go faster.  You do that until you get to the bottom.  We went on something like a roller coaster but it was small and it had a seat on it and a kid could be in it too. And there were also some levers just like the other one.  We went on that ride a lot of times. We came back home.  I played in the tub while my mom and dad made dinner.  Then after dinner, we went and saw a movie and then I got ready for bed,” said DS1.

Day 4:  DS 1 and Dad went to see the other 9 power windmills & we visited the Berkshire Museum

Day 5:  Visited Barthalemew’s Cobble and the Ashley house (where Mumbet was enslaved and won her freedom)

Day 6:  Went to the Crane Paper Museum
“We went to the Mission House and nobody was there and the doors wouldn’t open and we rang the door bell as well as we knocked but no one answered.  There was a hummingbird and my dad tried to shoot a picture of it.We went to lunch at “Once Upon A Meal”.  Then we went to the Crane Paper Museum and we learned about making paper and then they started making new kinds of hundred dollar bills,” said DS1.

Day 7:  We hung out at the resort & went to “Dekota” for lunch

Day 8:  We took the train back home

In the news


Before I left to see my family in Texas, I was walking my son to our community pool for swim class when a man stopped to ask me if there is a community garden near by. I said yes and mentioned I was the manager. He was a photographer from the “Fairfax Times.”. I ended up with my picture and interview in an article that was later picked up by the Washington post:
Program aimes to unite communities



Life really took over our little homeschool fantasy world last month. After battling a rare cancer for several years, my uncle passed away. I knew him well as my parents went out to dinner with them weekly when I was growing up and I’d often join them. We’d arrive, he’d pat me on my head, we’d go inside, the adults would then chat over a glass of wine (the ladies in the living room to discuss life and the men in the kitchen to discuss everything from politics to science). My uncle was mostly self educated. He’d read everything he could get his hands on and remember it all. My dad also has diverse interest and intellect. If I wasn’t self entertaining, I enjoyed listening to the men speak. Then, as an adult, we’d always go visit my aunt and uncle when in town (I now live far away). My uncle really liked my husband. For years they would send each other books they thought the other one would like. my oldest son would then be that child listening in on the adult conversation. We’ll miss Uncle Bryant.

As if saying goodbye to my uncle wasn’t enough, the day after I arrived, my mom was hit by a car. Her pelvis was broken in 5 places and her dominate arm was broken. We stayed longer, visited the hospital daily and then set her up in a rehabilitation facility. We are finally back home and mom is improving every day. I’m sad to have left her behind but left her in good hands with her longtime boyfriend and countless relatives. I’m so happy to be back home but wish I could be in both places at once.

DS1 learned a lot this trip I think. The impermanence of life and that life isn’t just about us. Poor DS2 suffered with sleepless nights and lower intake of milk (at his 5.5 mo doctors appointment yesterday, he fell off his growth curve). We will be working on increasing intake now that we are not distracted. DH learned that the house is depressing and lonely without his little family. I learned that even my mom is not indestructible.