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“End” of the School Year


We finished the CAT test for Kinder last week and now my son proudly tells people he’s in first grade now (a nice contrast to the blank stare he usually gives people when they ask which grade he is in).  I was reassured as DS1 took the test that we did a fine job covering the basics.  I think he did very well.

I’ve decided to go more casual for school for the summer as DS1’s motivation for anything is very low right now and I hope this will help and also give me a chance to reevaluate my approach.  Our plan is to read, read, read!

We finished “Little House in the Big Woods” and just started “Ozma of Oz,” our 3rd Oz story.  We signed up for our local library’s summer reading program (the first year DS1 plans to read all 15 books himself) and got a bunch of early readers from the library.  We also got some books for me to read to him that he picked out on the solar system and math.  Not sure how much we will get to read this week though.  We have Suzuki Institute (camp) all week.

Off to Institute…